Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Highlights of Gary’s progress on the
Our Far South Expedition
February 27, 2012

Well we’ve now spent 3 days trying to get into places on the Mainland of Antarctica – Terra Nova Bay, Cape Hallet, Cape Adare… to no avail. Even though the Ross Sea itself is fairly open, sea ice and ice bergs are clustered along the bays and inlets along the northern Victoria Land coastline. We pushed through in several places but still did not manage to reach the coastline. Cape Adare was interesting as the current is about 2 knots and as we sat attempting to take samples, the floating ice was banking up against the ship. Needless to stay, we didn’t hang around. We’re now tracking east around the ice that has accumulated in the Ross Gyre and then tomorrow morning, it should be north to Campbell Island

Coming up….. So what have we learnt? 

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